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Color-In Postcards!

How to Color and Mail a Postcard:

Let your creativity run wild with our Color-in Postcards, then spread the joy by mailing your creation to a friend or loved one! If you've never mailed a postcard, here are some quick and easy directions:

1.    Color your postcard. Let your imagination run wild!
2.    Write your message. On the back of your postcard, you will see two sides. Write a message on the left side, taking care that you do not cross over the center line with your writing to keep the right side free and clear for the recipient's address.
3.    Address it. On the right side, write the address where you want to send your postcard in the following format:

4.    Add a return address. In the event that your postcard cannot be delivered (for example, if the person has moved), your postcard will be returned to you... but only if a return address can be found. Be sure to write this in the upper left corner so mail scanners do not misread it as the "send to" address.
5.    Add postage. You can order stamps online from the United States Postal Service (USPS), or stamps can be purchased from your local post office. Postcards typically require less postage than a regular envelope. Place the stamp in the upper right corner.
6.    Drop in the mail. Deliver your postcard to a nearby mailbox and drop in the slot, and you're done! Your creation will soon reach the hands of your loved one!

Show us what you created! Tag @InklingsPaperie to share... we can't wait to see what you dream up!