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Scratch-off Advent Calendar

November 26, 2019

A fresh tradition for the advent season!

The Story
One of my fondest holiday memories as a child is of the chocolate advent calendar that would appear in our kitchen on December 1st, and how much we loved opening a door each day to discover a hidden surprise, our anticipation building as we counted down the days until Christmas! I created our Scratch-off Advent Calendar as a way to capture that same feeling and create new memories with my own children during the holidays.

How They Work
Scratch with a penny to uncover a hidden surprise within each gift! This is the FIRST advent calendar where you can also hide your OWN handwritten message within a scratch-off! Simply write with any pen or pencil and cover your message with the sticker enclosed. Imagine their surprise when they scratch to discover their name and a note written from you (or Santa... wink!) on Christmas day!



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