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Our story

Welcome! We're so glad you're here. Founded by Lindsay Henry, Inklings is based in Plymouth, Michigan. Our sustainably-produced paper goods are born out of a love for beautiful typography, thoughtful design, and a dash of whimsy. We believe in the power of the handwritten note, and are committed to creating products that inspire kindness and bring joy to life's many little celebrations!


The by-product of two hippies who met and fell in love at art college, my parents encouraged my creativity from a young age. Some of my earliest memories involve sketching with my mom at the kitchen table, and drawing with my dad's Pantone markers until the ink ran dry. After receiving my Bachelor of Design Degree from York University in Toronto (Canada), I married my best friend and followed my heart to his hometown of Detroit, MI. There, I rolled up my sleeves, and got to work as a freelance designer.


While working on some great brands and non-profits by day, friends would often ask me to design games or stationery for their weddings or baby showers. I realized that there really wasn't anything fresh or fun out there for bridal or baby showers. It seems that for over half a century, women have been pinning clothespins on one another, and wrapping one other in toilet paper! I learned that 27% of bridesmaids consider shower-planning their least favorite part of being a bridesmaid, and that only 7% consider it one of their favorite parts. It was time to put the fun – and the love – back into these special celebrations.

In 2009, I was printing a large job for a client when I learned that the off-cuts from the printer’s press sheet were going to be thrown away. Hating to see this opportunity go to waste, I designed little cards to be printed in the margins, and the heart of Inklings Paperie was born. One year later in 2010, I opened our Etsy shop on a whim, and listed some scratch-off game cards that I had leftover from a friend's baby shower (we still carry this original design in our shop here!) One by one, we added products to our collection and began to create a brand around our little line of paper goods. 


In 2012, we were thrilled to be named finalists in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards. Our paper goodies were also featured in the celebrity swag bags at the Emmy Awards that same year. To add to the excitement, our family also grew by one in 2013! With two young boys, our home-based studio is always buzzing with activity and the occasional soccer match! We are busting at the seams, but we wouldn't have it any other way.


It takes a village to do what we do! Our small team consists of a group of passionate people who are committed to creating beautiful, meaningful products. In addition to our full-time team, we have an awesome community of women who help to package our paper goods. We also partner with a local program that provides job training for young adults with special needs. From the quality of our materials to the care that goes into designing and packaging each and every item we make, we hand-inspect each card to ensure that no detail goes unnoticed.


Our mission is to inspire kindness. To create fun, fresh and innovative products. To foster a creative workspace that values individuals and their families. To run a debt-free business with integrity, to live out our faith, and to embrace causes that create positive social change.

Inklings Paperie began as a seedling of an idea, and has grown into more than we could have imagined or dreamed of. We feel so deeply blessed that our little paper creations have somehow found a way into your lives; your little celebrations and your big announcements. Thank-you for the privilege of allowing us to do what we do!

Lindsay Henry, Founder & Creative Director

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