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Reward Cards for Kids!

As a mom, I'm always looking for creative ways to motivate my kids.

All about Scratch-off Reward Cards for Kids!
As parents, we're always looking for ways to reward and motivate our kids. Did your kid work hard for that A+ on their test? Did they show kindness to their younger sibling, or empty the dishwasher without being asked? Give them a glittery scratch-off card, with a special message or prize hidden inside!

How They Work
These fun cards work the same way as our lunchbox notes. Using a ballpoint pen, write a message (or draw a picture) in the blank circle. Next, completely cover your writing with the glittery scratch-off sticker. Give the card to your kiddo, and make their day! Scratching with a penny will reveal the prize... it's like a lottery ticket just for kids.

What's Included?

Your box of cards will include 24 assorted cards (6 each of 4 designs) and 24 glittery scratch-off stickers, with instructions inside.

10 Prize Ideas (just to get you started)

1. Dollar store toy

2. 15 minutes of screen time

3. Homework pass

4. Extended bedtime

5. Ice cream date!

6. Date with mom or dad

7. Extra story at bedtime

8. Chore pass

9. Small candy or treat

10. App download