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Customer Scratch-off Cards

Customer Scratch-off Cards

Like a lottery ticket for your store or brand!

The story
Every trade show we attend, we always have a fun little scratch-off game as an icebreaker for people who approach our booth. It's a fun way to engage with potential customers, and they always LOVE scratching their card to uncover a hidden prize! So many times, we've had store owners say "I'd love to do this for MY store!" For the past few months, we've been working on a top secret project that we're excited to share with you: introducing our new Customer Scratch-off Cards!

Who are they for?
These cards are perfect for any type of shop, service-based business or brand that's looking to reward and motivate their customers with a discount or small gift that they can redeem! YOU write the prize in them, so they can be rewarded with anything you can dream of. Maybe it's a discount off of a future purchase, a free gift with their purchase, a $5 credit towards their next order, free shipping... you choose!

How they work
The cards and stickers come separately. You write the prize or message using a ballpoint pen. Next, completely cover your writing with the scratch-off sticker. Give the card to your customers, and make their day! Scratching with a penny will reveal the prize.

What's the difference between stock and custom cards?
If you are ordering our stock cards, they will arrive just as shown with a blank area for you to write any prize(s) you can dream of! Write your message using a ballpoint pen, and cover with the sticker (included). Stock cards are a great option for smaller events or giveaways.

If you’re looking for something more customized or if you are looking for a larger quantity of cards, then the custom-printed option may be right for you. Starting at 1,000 cards or more, we will custom-print your cards to add your store logo, contact information and prize, and can even custom-tailor the colors of your chosen design to match your theme! 

10 Ways to use Customer Scratch-offs:
1.    Hand cards out at the door as customers enter your shop.
2.    Place in shopping bags or staple to receipts in your retail store for customers to redeem in the future.
3.    Include in outgoing shipments to increase re-order rates on your e-commerce site.
5.    Use as part of a sale, with different discounts or prizes they can redeem.
7.     For your your home-based business, hand cards out at parties to give away prizes or a discount.
8.    Mail cards to your preferred customers or clients, or use them as gift cards within your shop!
9.    Use them simply to tell your customers that they’re awesome!
10.    These cards aren’t just for customers... use them for showers, birthday parties and more!

Do you offer customization?
We do!