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Thank You For Your Purchase!

Please follow the instructions below to download your printable files.
Have questions? Scroll down to see answers to some FAQ.

1. Download

Click on the picture of the invitation you have purchased to instantly download the template files to your computer!

2. Customize

Your folder will include templates in both Word and PDF formats. Open up the template of your choice and type over the sample wording, replacing it with your own wording.

3. Test

In your print settings, select "5" x 7" as the paper size, and adjust your printer tray to accommodate the smaller sheet size. Use the bonus invitation (included in each box of invitations) as your test sheet.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

1. What software will I need?

You will receive your printable in two file formats to choose from: PDF and Word. PDF files can be opened within Acrobat Reader. You can download the latest version of Acrobat Reader for free here.

2. Can I customize the font or layout?

We have designed these to work with system fonts andprintas shown, however if you would like the ability to change the fonts or layout of your invitation, we recommend using the Word template. If you want to achieve the look shown in the sample layout, we recommend using the PDF template. Simply highlight the sample text, and replace it with your own!

3. My text is not printing in the right place!

Check your print settings! Your document size will already be set at 5x7”. In your print settings, set your paper size to 5x7” as well, and ensure that the print scale isset at 100% in order forall of your text to properly align on the page.

4. My colors aren't looking right

It’s always a good idea to check that you have sufficient ink in your printer first before you begin. If your printer hasn't been used in a while, your ink heads may need to be cleaned. Refer to your printer manual for more support.

5. Does my box of invitations come with a test sheet?

YES! Your boxed set of 12 invitations includes a bonus (13th) invitation for a test print, but we recommend you print a test sheet on scrap paper first until you’re 100% happy with your invitation. Tip: To see how your words will line up on the invitation, you can print on standard white printer paper (trimmed down to 5x7”), place it overtop of a blank invitation, and hold them up to a light.

6. How should I load the invitations in my printer?

Every printer is different. Be sure to adjust your guides, and check your paper tray as you prepare to print your invitations so that your details print on the correct size, and in the correct orientation! If you're not sure, do a test print first!

7. How is the wine tasting party printable different?

At this time, our free Wine Tasting Party invitations are only offered as printable invitations for you to download and write in by hand. We love charm of a handwritten invitation, particularly for small gatherings. Enjoy!