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North Pole Snow Kit


Item details

Features Magic growing snow!
Included Single Card
Origin Made in the USA
Packaging Resealable Foil Pouch
Paper n/a
Process Add 4 cups of water
Size 4" x 6"
Make 16 cups of fluffy "snow"! Pour into a large bowl and add 4 cups of water to see snow grow before your eyes! Flakes will grow to 100x their size. This snow is perfect for holiday parties, for making snow slime, or as a fun and easy indoor sensory activity for kids! Send it to family and friends who live in warmer climates, and share the joy of snow with them!

About our Snow:
We use a USA-made, highly-absorbent polymer for our snow, blending it with our hand-cut glitter confetti right in our studio! The mixture is non-toxic and safe to use. Still, we advise using with supervision if you have younger children. Snow powder should not be eaten. Do not dispose of snow in sinks or drains. Snow is slippery like real snow, so avoid walking on snow.
How to Re-use:
Place your snow in a thin layer on a clean, flat surface such as a cookie sheet. Over the next few days, watch as the water evaporates from the fluffy snow, turning it back into a tiny dry powder!

We've shared more tips and ideas for your snow here.

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