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Stuck on Vinyl Stickers!

Vinyl Stickers

It's no secret that vinyl stickers have made a huge comeback. A few years ago, we added stickers to our line of paper goods and gift items a few years back, and we have enjoyed seeing how they've been embraced. But as a small business, we have ALSO begun to integrate them into our everyday use in some other fun and unexpected ways. If you are a small business owner reading this, I'd love to share three areas where we've found success using stickers:

1.    Branding a shipment We love to add one of our vinyl stickers to the outside of boxes to add a pop of color. We find these are an easy way to add a finishing touch that helps brand each package and create excitement for the customer as they open it!

2.    A thank you gift Whenever I'm ordering from a small business, it's the little "extras" that make me feel seen and appreciated. I love to include a free sticker with orders. It gets our brand in their hands, and is a relatively low-cost item to include. It's also lightweight and affordable to mail, so it doesn't add a lot of weight or bulk to shipping costs.

3.    Event Giveaways Recently, I had the privilege of going to an event at the headquarters of one of our major retailers. We had just a few hours to engage with their employees at all levels and share about our brand. We wanted to create experiences that engaged people as soon as they stepped up to our table, so we created a huge board filled with some new AND current sticker designs, and we invited them to cast a vote on their favorites! Once they voted, they were invited to play "Spin to Win" (spoiler alert: EVERYONE was a winner!) It was so much fun to see the line form, and stickers were definitely the favorite prize. If you're a maker doing trade shows or craft markets, some ways to modify this could be allowing customers to spin when they order. Modify the prizes to something you have on hand for an instant takeaway... a pin or button, a small sticker, or a discount they can use on your website after the event to drive traffic. We used this spinner from Amazon, and modified it with graphics that helped it feel more on-brand. The new face plate we created can be removed and replaced for future events. If you're looking to give stickers a try for your own business, we've had success with the custom stickers at StickerMule. They offer low minimums so you can test out different designs, and they frequently have specials that they send out to their e-mail list. Our favorite product by far is their vinyl diecut stickers.


I hope that this sparks some fun ideas for your own business! Happy stickering.

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