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Make Your Own Snow

September 21, 2018

Our “instant snow” mix is included in every Santa Letter Kit, and grows to 100x its original size (approx. 1 cup). Just add water for a snowy surprise!

How it works:
1.    Pour 1tsp DRY SNOW into a measuring cup or bowl.
2.    Add ⅓ CUP OF WATER, and watch it grow! No mixing is required.

TIP: To re-use, spread it out on a plastic surface to dry. Within 48 hours, water will evaporate and your snow will return to its original state so you can enjoy it again and again!

TIP: To discard, granules can be added to soil in flower pots to help maintain moisture, or discard with trash (do not

We only use non-toxic, USA-made polymer in our snow. We then hand-blend it with glitter right in our studio. Snow can be used on all surfaces and will not stain, however for easier clean-up you may want to use it on a tablecloth or piece of fabric. Mist with water to refresh.


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