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Five Packaging Secrets!

The Perfect Package

Sometimes the little details make all the difference! At Inklings, we love experimenting with different stickers and tape to make our packages even more fun to open, so I thought I'd create a post to share some of our favorite ways to dress up a package when you're shipping it. I'm writing this specifically to fellow makers and small businesses who are shipping products, but you can adapt any of these suggestions for personal packages that you may be mailing to loved ones. Many of the items below can be ordered in small quantities also!


1.    Tissue Paper We wrap everything we send in a sheet of pristine tissue paper. There are a myriad of colors available online (we get ours from Papermart) and they are a lovely way to make your product feel extra special! We usually tuck a little thank you note with a small gift (a mini pencil or a sticker) within the tissue so when they open it, there's a little moment of surprise and delight.

2.    Paper Shred For sample boxes and extra special packages, we love enveloping the box contents with shredded paper (crinkle fill). A little bit goes a long way, and makes the contents of your box feel like a gift. Recently, we sent some sample boxes out to a few key accounts of ours, and included a box of our favorite caramels from Mouth Party. We added one of our signature stickers to each box for a special touch!

3.    Stickers Everyone loves a cute sticker. All of our kraft bubble envelopes are sealed with a large sticker. It's an easy little finishing touch that helps brand each package and create excitement for the customer as they open it!

4.    Packaging Tape Last but certainly not least, one of our favorite ways to brand a special box is with custom packaging tape. We're currently loving Sticker Mule's Custom Packaging Tape! You can order as little as one roll to try it out. The tape is gummed, so just add water and it will become sticky and ready to adhere to a box. Print it in your signature brand color, with your logo, or with a fun phrase that will make the unboxing process even more exciting! Not an expert on the computer? They make it easy with their trace, upscale and redraw tools to help you create high quality, print-ready images that reproduce beautifully on the packing tape.

5.    A little gift! We have always included a small little "gift" with every order. One of our favorite add-ins is a mini pencil in our mint green brand color. Because who DOESN'T love a cute mini pencil?